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Wided Guedria

Dr. Wided Guédria is a Research fellow at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). She is conducting her research activities within the “Enterprise Engineering” Group (EE) in the Trusted Service Systems (TSS) Unit. She received her PhD (with distinction) in production engineering from the University Bordeaux 1, France.

Her research interests include enterprise engineering, enterprise architecture, enterprise interoperability, interoperability assessment, decision-support for interoperability based on systems science and ontological modeling.


Recent publications include:

·    Wided Guédria, Yannick Naudet and David chen. : "MMEI: Maturity Model for Enterprise Interoperability". To be published in  ISEI2N Special issue of EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) Journal, 2013.

·   Wided Guédria., Hanan Bouzid., Guido Bosh, Yannick Naudet., David Chen. eHealth interoperability evaluation using a maturity model. MIE 2012, Italy, 2012.

·    Wided Guédria, Yannick Naudet, David Chen.: Maturity model as a decision support for Enterprise Interoperability. In in Proc. of the 6th IFAC/IFIP, OTM workshop, SeDeS 2011 Crete, Greece, October 2011

·  Wided Guédria, Arash Golnam, Yannick Naudet, David Chen & Alain Wegmann.: On the use of an interoperability framework in coopetition context. In the 21st Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research.Vaasa, Finland 2011

·  Wided Guédria, Yannick Naudet, and David Chen. : Enterprise Interoperability Maturity: A Model using Fuzzy Metrics. In CAiSE 2011 workshops, LNBIP 83, pp. 69-80, London 2011

·   Wided Guedria, Yannick Naudet and David Chen.: A Maturity Model assessing Interoperability Potential. : in 12th International series of working conferences on Business Process Modeling, Development and Support (BPMDS) in conjunction with CAiSE. LNBIP 81, pp.276-283, London 2011

·   Yannick Naudet, Thibaud Latour, Wided Guédria, David Chen, "Towards a Systemic Formalisation of Interoperability", in Computers in Industry, Special issue on Integration and Information in Networked Enterprises, in issue 61/2 - 2009/2010.

·  Wided Guedria, David Chen,Yannick Naudet. “A Maturity Model for Enterprise Interoperability”, in Proc. of the 4th IFAC/IFIP, OTM workshop, EI2N’09 (Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking), Portugal, November 2009.

·  Wided Guedria, Yannick Naudet, David Chen. Systems Theory Applied to Systems Interoperability, in the International conference; Systems Theory: Modelling, Analysis and control. Fes, Morocco, May 2009

·   Naudet,Yannick., Wided Guédria, David Chen. Systems Science for Enterprise Interoperability. In I-ESA’09 workshops, 5th International Conference Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications, Beijing, China , April 2009.

·   Wided Guedria, Yannick Naudet, David Chen: Interoperability maturity models – Survey and Comparison – In OTM workshop, EI2N’08, Monterrey, Mexico, 2008.