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Sybren de Kinderen

Dr. Sybren de Kinderen (1982) is a postdoctoral researcher at the university of Luxembourg and in extenso part of the ee-team. He is funded through the ASINE FNR PEARL programme. His research interests are mainly focused on the pragmatics of conceptual modeling techniques. So: using "ingredients” of innovation processes as a frame of reference (such as phases, stakeholders, stakeholder concerns),  he is interested in questions such as:
  1. how do  individual techniques such as ArchiMate, DEMO, e3-value, i*, BPMN,  the business model canvas (and more) complement one another?  And If so:
  2. to what extent does the actual use of a modeling language fit with the intended use of the method author? Also:
  3. if two or more languages complement one another,  to what extent do we merge them into one “super metamodel”, or define a formal  transformation between the two underlying metamodels? And more.
Before joining the ACET group as a postdoctoral student, Sybren de Kinderen did his PhD on the topic of “service bundling”. As indicated by the thesis’ title “Needs-driven service bundling in a multi-supplier setting – the computational e3-service approach” this work was largely interdisciplinary, in that it combined work from marketing (“needs-driven service bundling”) with work from computer science (“the computational e3-service approach”).