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René Ceelen


  1. Co-supervisors: Patrick van Bommel and Hans Mulder
  2. Supervisor: Erik Proper

Problem definition

In practice lots of IT initiatives fail. Much has been reported that in a general sense, but the high failure in relation to Software Testing received ample attention in research. We think there must be a relation between Enterprise Ontology, Architecture and Software Testing to get a higher user acceptance of IT initiatives. Software testing is a young professional area of expertise, where a lot of techniques and models are developed from practical environments, which do not have relationships to Architecture and/or Enterprise Ontology. 

Research questions

Which relationship can be found between software testing and enterprise ontology? And which relationship can be found between software testing and the GSDP model? Can we make a conceptual model to integrate software testing in the total theory of enterprise ontology.

Research objectives


Research approach

We think that there are no or less literature about Software Testing in relation to Enterprise Ontology and Architecture. To be sure, first we start with a literature research, where we try to get an answer of more theoretical backgrounds in this field. If not, the next step will be to formulate a theory. Otherwise, the existing theories will be used. In the second part case studies will be used as an empirical inquiry that investigates this theory within its real-life context.   

Research results

Ceelen R. and Metz L. Testen met een hogere dekkingsgraad, Informatie, 12-2009, p22-27 (dutch)


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