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Niek Pluijmert

Problem definition
Organizations face problems in keeping pace with ever faster changing markets. Projects organizations define to make the necessary changes have a high failure rate. The management instruments to control the projects like programme management, portfolio management, process management, change management are not effective. The emerging discipline of Enterprise Engineering promises to offer a radical different look on organizations that will solve this problem. Enterprise Engineering focuses on design and architecture and offers a way of thinking, a way of modeling and a way of working. Missing is the way of controlling. Way of controlling is defined as follows: the organization wants a certain change. Activities (that can be a project but also other activities, just everything that contributes to making the change) are defined to reach the desired situation, those activities must be controlled in some way to maximize the chance for meking the change.
Research Question
The problem definition leads to the following research question:
What is needed to control organization changes that are based on enterprise engineering?
Research approach
The theory of project and change management in relation to strategic planning will be studied.
We will study the results of projects that have been done with EE-methods (DEMO).
We will do case studies.